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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Starting Tips

Start the Ultimate Team mode is something hard, because at the beginning we have very few currencies and lower quality players obtained in the starter pack . Getting higher quality footballers as well as the money needed to get them will be a tough but not impossible task.
For that reason, I bring you a series of tips to do during the first weeks of play. With them, you can be getting little by little to players of higher level. And thanks to it, overcoming divisions with greater ease.
Let's see some of the tricks to get your budget up in the first weeks to improve your templates in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

          How to Save Coins

To have a high budget is not only necessary to win coins, but also to know how not to waste them. We will see some tips that will serve to save and waste the money won.
  • Save contracts with players discard: At the beginning, with such a limited budget, purchase contracts will undermine our chances of saving much. For this reason, we can minimize the purchase of these using players who can stand out. The trick is to buy for your template players not bright gold , which you can find in the market for 350-400 coins and 7 contracts. As the first divisions are not very demanding, using some of these players is possible since with them you can even win the matches. It is advisable to use these players, and when they run out of contracts, discard them since you will receive 300 coins, that is, only 50 or 100 less than they cost you. When discarding the player, go to the market and buy another equal. Thus, you will not buy contracts, but you will renew players every seven games for only 50 - 100 coins.
  • Coaches how saving system: We will have noticed that many coaches (the silver and gold) are at the bottom of the letter a number next to the sign of percentage. That percentage is assigned to the number of games a player receives when we apply a contract. That is, if the coach has 3%, when a player applies a contract, for example, gold +28, he will be added 3% more matches. These percentages are cumulative, up to a total of fifty. Therefore, if we buy several coaches to add that 50%, when assigning that contract of +28, in fact the player will receive 42 matches. Therefore, in the long run we will save many currencies in contracts.
  • Check the market well before buying: When we are buying a player, either through the purchase and or bid, make sure what their minimum value . To determine the minimum price of a player, enter an approximate maximum in box Buy Now . If in the search to find letters in the market, exit and lower the amount until no one comes out. To understand it with an example, imagine that you are looking for Mangala. You enter in this box an amount of 2,000 coins, and with it letters are out in the market. If in doing so with 1,900 letters are no longer issued, then 2,000 will be the lowest price. Therefore, do not buy above that price, in fact, bidding you can find it for even less coins. This system is also to be used to sell , not to "give away" your cards on the market.
  • Not always buy some position changes: a player is in the correct position is essential for optimal chemical (it must be at least 9). However, sometimes we can get such chemistry without being so accurate. For example, if a player has the MCD position in his card and plays in the MC position, we can convert his 8 of chemistry to 9. To do this, it is enough for the coach to match the player in league or nationality (both sum 1 chemistry). Another method is for the player to have loyalty (he has played ten games in our club), which also adds 1 of chemistry. Thus, he will have 9 chemistry despite not playing exactly in his position. That way we will save by not buying certain change cards.
  • Alternating the use of two templates: There are many users who have purchased a template and substitute for it. The problem with this, is that to recover tired, we have to buy form letters. However, we can save this fact by using two templates at a time. The method is to use one as a holder, and on the bench put the other. We will do the same in reverse. That is, the one that was previously an alternate, we will put it in another template as a starter, and the one that was the main one will now be in reserve. Thus, we will play two matches with one and two with another. With this system the template that is in reserve will recover form, so we will not have to apply those letters.
  • Players who do not have to buy yet: Both players top, ie, 84 half or more, and certain leagues, it is better not to buy in the first weeks. The players of the Santander League and the Premier League, generally, cost much more than the other players when the game is launched. The reason is that they are the most attractive leagues, and that makes their players more attractive. The same goes for top players from other leagues. That type of players is better to wait a few weeks to acquire them, as they will greatly lower their price. Thus, you do not risk buying them ahead of time and lose much economic value.
  • Usad catalog EAS FC: In this catalog we can unlock certain advantages for Ultimate Team. On the one hand, we can obtain greater rewards of coins per game . Activating them all, we can get several tens of thousands of extra coins. In addition, we can also unlock several player assignments. It is advisable to use these assignments at the beginning instead of "save". Thus, when using these players are contracts that we will not spend to have to give them to other players.
With these tips you will therefore not waste money. It is something that is appreciated because it costs a great effort to win them.

          Tradeo for the first few weeks

Trading when starting to play is difficult. However, as I explained in this Web App article, it is possible. The key is to invest in cheap players but a lot of pull in FUT 17.
To do this, we will do it with players of cheap gold and less than 80 on average . In addition, they have to be attractive players and very used in this game mode. Examples are Kouyate, Mist, Musa, N'Diaye, Felipe Melo or Musonda.
Once players are chosen to trade, you have to calculate how much to buy and sell. Let us see an assumption .
Imagine that you are going to make the trade with Musa, one of the most used forwards in the Premier League and so in the market has a very fast sale.
The first thing we should do is find out what your minimum purchase price is already. Suppose this is 2,500 coins. Normally, a player of this type can sell it as much for 100 or 200 coins more than the minimum value of your Purchase already. In this case, it would be for 2,500 or 2,600 coins. To get an acceptable profit, 300 or 400 coins, we will have to buy it for a maximum of 2,200 or 2,300.
Buying at this price is possible through the bidding system. You have to go to the search screen, and put a maximum bid price in 2,200 coins. When the cards that meet those requirements come out, you have to bid for all that you can for the maximum of 2,200 - 2,300 coins. If you have a budget to bid for ten cards, then for those ten, you have for more ... well, you will have more chances to take those letters.
The goal will be to sell as many cards per hour as possible. Depending on the budget you have, you can invest more or less.
They would be small amounts of profit, but selling many cards at the time would get a more than remarkable benefit. That is, if we sell ten cards at the time, we would get a minimum of 3,000 profit coins. This at the beginning of the game is something that we will come very well to get enough coins to improve the template.

          With which templates to start

As I said before, league players like the Premier League or the Santander League are more expensive than usual at the beginning. Therefore, it is best to start with cheap leagues like Serie A, Ligue 1, Liga or Liga Russian NOS.
Within these, it is more advisable to start using non-glossy gold players. Thus, we can discard them as I explained before and do not spend contracts. The lower divisions do not require much level in terms of players, since the usual is to face players of bronze or silver, or how much to low gold. Therefore, with a sufficient level of skill, you will be enough with players not too high to advance.
Still, if you want to get some shiny gold players, you can do it. There are also such level discounted price, so you would not lose too many coins.
It would be advisable to use such equipment at least during the first 20 or 30 matches. In that time you will collect enough coins to invest in better players. Also, when you reach that time everything will have gone down more, being a good opportunity to buy.
Therefore, look for in the market players of this style to use at the beginning. They will serve you to overcome the first matches of FUT 17 and all at a very low cost.
In summary , when you comencĂ©is FIFA 17 Ultimate Team must look more than ever the expenses and income. Participate in divisions and tournaments to win as many coins as possible. Also, the tradeo is a useful tool to increase the number of these. And on the other hand, follow the advice explained here to avoid wasting precious coins.
With patience and good hand, you can gradually improve your templates. And also, you will have a good savings base that you can continue to use throughout the game.

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